At SIIS…………………….YOUR child is OUR responsibility.

Admission criteria:

At SAAMAR INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC School, we consider each child unique. We understand and encourage the parent's concern for the child.

SIIS is affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge, UK. Reg No: IN362. It is recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka.

Admission to SIIS is based on a First come-First Serve basis.

Please see details below for the criteria:

The criteria can simply be remembered as CAP.

C for Current performance

A for age appropriateness

P for previous performance

  1. Current performance:
  2. It is very important for us to know where your child stands and then give you a clear picture of where we can take him/her to.


    We take Diagnostic tests in four subjects. It can be easily remembered as MESH.

    M for Mathematics

    E for English

    S for Science

    H for Hindi

    If a child is far behind the starting point, then we meet with you to discuss the same and plan a support strategy, undertaking, etc


    The evaluation is based on KAS.

    Knowledge – of the things around him/her under Literacy and Numeracy

    Application – of the knowledge in small simple questions

    Skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (LSRW)

  3. Age:
  4. A child’s age must be in accordance with the grade that he /she is seeking admission to.

    • Nursery/Mont 1: 3 years
    • LKG/Mont 2: 4 years
    • UKG/Mont 3: 5 years
    • Grade 1: 6 years and so on

  5. Previous performance:
  6. It is also important for us to know what the child has already studied especially the languages and the concepts. We do ask for the previous year’s Progress Report to check performance and grades especially in MESH. (M for Mathematics, E for English, S for Science, H for Hindi)

    Syllabus stream is something we check on. For example, a child who has done the State syllabus upto grade 7 will not be granted admission to grade 8 as he/she has to study the IGCSE syllabus. It is a totally different ladder to climb and would require the child to move on as well. We would therefore suggest to you to continue with state syllabus. Currently, we too offer state syllabus upto grade 5.