A) School prayer

I take refuge in Allah, The Most High;

His name I mention before anything I try.

All praise be to Him who created me,

Gave me friends and family.

I thank Him for all that He’s given me.

My school, my teachers, my ability.

To speak, to listen, to read and write;

To know what’s wrong, and what’s right.

At school I learn to share and care;

To speak the truth, I must dare.

In hard work, faith and courage I trust,

To gain beneficial knowledge is a must.

I will watch my every action and deed;

and help all those who are in need.

I will strive to be virtuous; I will strive to be wise.

I will aim for the highest level of paradise. Aameen

Note: Allah is the Arabic Word for The God (Al-The, Ilah-One God)


Parents – Quality – Resources – Students – Teachers

The PQRST model was devised keeping in mind the basic essentials that can contribute to success of a school collectively and every component of the model individually.

Having identified the components and the KEY ingredient , it is important to list the details that each component must fulfill.

Keeping in mind that Parents-Students-Teachers all aim at achieving

THREE things ……….

1. Knowledge – Beneficial (Ilmun naafiun)

2. Provision-Pure (Rizqan tayyibun)

3. Deeds- Accepted (Amalun mutaqabbalun)

This agreement aims at outlining what must be achieved and how we will work together to achieve the same. It also mentions what our rights and responsibilities are and what we may expect from each other ; thereby working collectively towards attaining success in this world and the hereafter.

At all time we must:

A -Analyse our needs (i. please our lord ii. offer the best to humanity)

I -Improve our skills (i. Communication ii. Organisation)

D –Develop our profiles (i. Human begin ii.Muslim (one who submits)

Keeping in mind that the human being depends on both appreciation and advice ; we must all ensure that our interactions/ feedback to each other is based on the structure of :

1. The PNP model: positive- negative –positive model.

2. The three W format: W+: what went well W-: what went wrong W!: what will work

3. Platforms of communication:

Party A
Party B
Outcome /Feelings

Platform 1

Platform 2

Platform 3

Platform 4

I am ok.

I am NOT ok.

I am NOT ok.

I am ok.

You are NOT ok. You are ok.

You are ok.

You are NOT ok.

You are ok.

Superiority and stress

Inferiority and Arrogance

Negativity and failure

Positivity and Success


SAAMAR International Islamic School (SIIS) will:

  1. Support the parents and students in analyzing needs, improving skills and developing profiles of all parties involved thereby contributing to the upliftment of the community and service to humanity.
  2. Cater to holistic development of children in terms of Knowledge, Application, and skills all learning styles/sensory skills (VAKOG) by weaving it into the curricular and extra –curricular activities.
  3. Hold up the Vision, Mission and Principles of SIIS as the guiding lamp at all times.
  4. Offer the International General Certificate in Secondary Education(IGCSE) Curriculum and Secondary School Leaving Curriculum Certificate (SSLC) to its students in two separate streams under one banner; along with the Islamic curriculum to IGCSE students through subjects like Islamic STUDIES , Quranic studies (Memorisation, Pronunciation, Recitation) and Arabic language. The Islamic programme known as Aalamiyat with subjects like Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Arabic language and more.
  5. Organize all day to day and annual activities using age – appropriate resources , range of facilities and creative concepts that contribute to life –long learning experiences for students , their teachers and parents .
  6. Liase with all departments within the school and ensure that students follow guidelines in all areas ; thereby working with parents on the overall development of the students.


I/ we will

  1. Tailor plans taking into account students’ needs + learning styles. Train children to exhibit life skills in the best possible manner.
  2. Enjoin what is good, forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah (Al-The , llah – one God) Enable beneficial learning, creative thinking, problem solving and collaborative planning.
  3. Assess students’ behavioral +academic needs, performance and progress. Acknowledge notes from parents + authorities with correct action, comments +signatures.
  4. Catch students being good and communicate the same to all parties involved. Check and sign the students ’dairy on a daily bases.
  5. Have high expectations from students and set SMART targets. Honour all the school’s policies, procedures and guidelines.
  6. Evaluate the teaching and learning practices of self and peers ;prepare for improvement.
  7. Record al details w.r.t. performance+ progress and communicate the same clearly. Report and monitor the students’ performance in all areas as mentioned in the diary.
  8. Suggest ways to work collectively in areas that need improvement. Serve the community and humanity with professionalism, passion and pride.


I/ we will:

  1. P- Prepare my child for success in this world and the hereafter (academic+ moral) Provide all necessary key +contact details w.r.t the child /parents .
  2. A-Attend Parent-Teacher Meeting and all events on specified dates and timings. Acknowledge receipt of circulars / info with clear comments and signatures.
  3. R- Regard all communications between home- School as important; sign the diary every day. Respect the systems and procedures; yet feel free to set up a meeting to discuss issues.
  4. E –Enjoy what is good, forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah (Al-The, llah- One God) Ensure my child attends school on all specified days and timings; in correct uniform with the necessary resources w.r.t. his/her health and learning .
  5. N-Nurture my child’s mind and soul through regular Reading and worship. Nourish my child’s body by sending in a healthy packed lunch, bottle of water and a clean napkin.
  6. T-Take note of all date’s w.r.t. fee payments, assessments, events, etc. and stick to them accordingly. Trust the schools efforts and towards making learning a REWARDING experience for all those involved.
  7. S-Support all the schools policies, procedures and guidelines.

Suggest ways to work collectively in areas that need improvements.

Ideal description of value

Showcasing values

Treasuring time

Understanding concepts

Demonstrating efforts

Empowering relationships

Nurturing faith

Trusting abilities

The A to Z for STUDENT success

I will :

  1. Attend school every day and on time.
  2. Bring the things I need and take care of them.
  3. Communicate politely and responsibly.
  4. Dress up in clean and correct uniform.
  5. Enjoy what is right.
  6. Forbid what is wrong.
  7. Greet everyone I meet with greetings of peace, Mercy and blessings.
  8. Hold up the banner of peace and submission.
  9. Involve my family in my learning.
  10. Jog a bit to stay fit.
  11. Keep my toys, mobile, jewellery, and any non- related items at home.
  12. Listen to myself when I speak to others.
  13. Make note of details and dates and submit my work accordingly.
  14. Nourish my body and nurture my soul.
  15. Organize my life around my prayers.
  16. Play in a way that everyone is safe from my hands and tongue.
  17. Queue up when waiting for my turn.
  18. Read for fifteen minutes every day.
  19. Speak the truth clearly, confidently and calmly.
  20. Teach myself the value of time and resources.
  21. Understand others the way I understand myself.
  22. Value my family, friends and teachers.
  23. Worship Allah as though I see him or know that he sees me.
  24. Xpress my feelings and fears to my teachers and parents.
  25. Yearn for success in this life and the next.
  26. Zip my lip when I fear I might slip.