Step 1: Enquiry w.r.t curriculum, fees and all other details

This can be carried out over the phone or at the Front Office by meeting our Front Office Executive(FOE) or online. Pls feel free to call 7406038201 or mail

Step 2: Application form and parent questionnaire

Fill in and submit the same. Hard copy option and online option are available.

Application form charges: Rs.100/-

Step 3: Supporting documents to be submitted according to the checklist.

  1. For age – copy of the Birth Certificate
  2. For details of parents – Aadhaar card copies
  3. For identity – photographs of the child, parents and the guardian
  4. previous performance – Progress report from the previous school
  5. For behavior check – Conduct Certificate/Transfer Certificate
  6. For closure with previous school and conformation of admission with our school – Transfer Certificate
  7. For inter-state admissions only – Migration Certificate

Step 4: Evaluation/Diagnosis:

In case of students seeking admission to Grade 1 and above: If this is required, in addition to the Diagnostic test, we shall let you know.

In case of children seeking admission to the Montessori section: The evaluation is compulsorily done on a one to one basis by a Montessori teacher. The questions are posed orally and the response is recorded.

Step 5: Confirmation:

The school will revert w.r.t admission based on all the details/data collected under each of the steps for the criteria mentioned above.

Step 6: Payment of fees and Collection of resources:

The parents must pay the starter fee and collect the school resources including the school diary which has all details clearly outlined in it.

School Transport: is on a need basis. Parents opting for transport for their child must fill in a separate form and pay the fees according to the slabs.

Private Transport: parents need to fill in the Private Transport Declaration Form(PTDF).

Step 7: Attend the Parents Orientation Programmes(POP) :

The parents must attend the Parents Orientation Programme on the first day of school where the Principal and her team will address the parents, explain the key details and guidelines, listen to parents’ concerns and show them the best way possible to work together as a team to bring out the best in each child.