• Students are encouraged to achieve and not just compete. Making it to the Outstanding level is encouraged versus being the first in class with just an Excellent level.


  • Teaching – Learning – Assessing : Are the THREE important aspects of the continuous and cyclic process called Education.

  • Attendance is Compulsory. Students who are absent will be marked 'Ab'. This will not be counted as a Zero. Requests to reschedule assessments will not be sanctioned.

  • Parents must send a leave note to inform the school about their child's absence.

  • Uninformed absence may result in NOT being able to sit the next assessment.

  • Arrival time: On time. Lateness will affect the child's AP+BM points.

  • Timetable+portions: Will be shared. Check the diary-Section D.

  • Hall ticket: Will be issued in case of NO dues, NO academic or behavioural concerns.

  • Materials needed: Stationery items, Hall ticket, Diary and a bottle of water only.

  • Conduct expected: Silence, Seek permission, Follow instructions, God consciousness.

  • Flowchart: Pray-Read-Recall-Answer-Check-Submit-Remain at your seat in silence.

  • In case of projects and Ongoing assessments: Students must maintain honesty and individuality (unless if instructed to work in a group.

  • Consequences for malpractice (Cheating-Copying-Unauthorised Communication, etc): Loss of marks, Suspension and termination depending on the age and severity so as to prepare students for board exams.

  • Periodic tests, One 'Mid-year assessment' and One 'End of year assessment'. See Section D

Attendance and timings:

  • Compulsory: on all days (Teaching&Learning + events) according to the Calendar for the year.

  • Attendance on the first day after any holidays is compulsory. Absence will be penalized.

  • Missed portions is solely the responsibility of the parent except in cases of life/death/time specific commands of Allah(Hajj/Umrah).

  • See schedules A,B,C and D for all session details – Section D

  • Saturday timings: 8:30 am to 1:30/1:45 pm (On informed dates only)

  • Record of Attendance may be maintained by the student/parent. See Year at a Glance page-Section D.

  • A record of lateness will be maintained by SIIS. See Record of lateness page.

  • Consequences for lateness

  • Three instances/month-will NOT be allowed to attend the first session of the day.

  • Six instances/month-will MISS half a day of T&L. Will be allowed to stay at school and do their work on their own.

  • Habitual lateness – will attract fine or be sent back home.

Circulars and Acknowledgements:

  • Details of events and day to day updates will be sent through circulars.

  • Parents must read the same carefully and return the acknowledgement slip, if attached; else the Acknowledgement section in the diary must be signed. See Section E.


  • See details under PQRST model.

  • Medium of Communication on campus: English language. Medium of Communication in classrooms: According to the subject


  • In WRITTEN form with Six Ws(Details of What-When-Where-Why-Who-How)

  • We will revert to you within FIVE working days. Time specific/Urgent issues must be marked Urgent if you want them to be addressed on an urgent basis.


  • Documents that parents need to be aware of:





    Letter from Parents

    Any request that needs to be put forth.


    Three W report

    Feedback in general or on any event in specific
    W-What went well,W-What went wrong,W-What will work


    MOM sheet

    Minutes of Meeting – to make note of all details w.r.t.
    any meeting between parents and concerned authorities.


    Suggestion sheet

    To make any suggestions to the school.


    Permission record

    (Early pick up/Late drop off)

Events (Ongoing and Annual), Activities and Celebrations:

  • According to the Calendar for the year.

  • Will be based on a variety of skills. Please support your child to participate.

  • No other events will be celebrated such as birthdays and anniversaries of staff and students.

  • Dress code and items to bring will be according to the circulars. Items apart from these if brought, will be confiscated and not returned.

  • Parents must contact the Administration w.r.t. any items that their children wish to share.

Fees- Structure and payments:

  • Fee structure with all details is available at school at all times.

  • Individual gradewise fee structure slips are also available. Do collect and plan accordingly.

  • Fee cards with receipts of payment details are issued. Do bring it along with you whenever you pay fees.

  • Modes of payment available: i. Cash ii. Cheque iii. Card iv. Online transfer

  • Details for Online payments:

  • Account payee : Saamar International Islamic School

    Bank Name : Union Bank of India

    Branch : Hennur road

    Account Number: 522701010036433

    IFSC: ubin0552275


  • One of the greatest blessings bestowed upon us by Our Creator and Sustainer.

  • There are THREE aspects of health namely Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

  • It is the duty of Parents and the school to develop all three aspects.

  • Parents must mention any medical issues in the application form, however minor.

  • Inform the school of any specific problem/care that is needed. Supporting documents with clear details/guidelines must be submitted.

  • Check the Medical records page in the diary regularly especially in case of small children.

Incident reports:

  • A formal report/record outlining incidents that are not acceptable.

  • “People around us must be safe from our limbs and our tongue.” Their right-Our responsibility.

  • List of actions: Absence on important days and first days of the academic year, Bad language, disobedience, disrespect to people and property, distracting during sessions, immoral conduct, theft, physically inappropriate with self or others, bringing electronic gadgets to school, etc.

  • See details of step by step consequences on Incident Report page - Section E in the diary.

Leave procedures:

  • Leave must NOT be availed without a valid reason.

  • Leave must be informed in written and prior to taking leave. Use Section F in the diary.

  • Leave already taken due to health/emergency must also be recorded. Same as b.

  • Leave for reasons other than sickness is not encouraged and is purely at the discretion of the Principal.

  • Requests to advance assessments/extend holidays will NOT be sanctioned.

  • Uniformed leave will affect the child's AP+BM points.

  • Medical certificate from a registered practitioner must be submitted for leave taken due to sickness for more than a week(Five days). Honesty is expected. KIM: Allah is The judge. W.r.t. Long term/infectious diseases, a Fitness certificate must also be produced.

Hygiene and grooming:

  • Appearance: Clothes – Pressed, Shoes – Polished, Socks – Clean, ID card – Visible,

  • Hair: Boys- Clean, Short, combed downwards. Girls- Clean, Covered.

  • Nails: Clean + short, free of mehendi/polish

  • Body odour: To be pleasant and not offensive. A bath and clean clothes are a must.

  • Jewellery: Should NOT be worn to school except that which is covered.

  • Wrist watches: Students of gr 5-10 ONLY may wear simple, non-expensive / distractive watches.

Meals and snacks:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for school.

  • Bring a healthy light snack to be eaten during the short break. Dry fruits, Nuts, Honey and bread, fruit or any wholesome food are excellent and easy options.

  • Bring a napkin, healthy packed lunch, water/juice,etc.

  • Wash your hands before you eat.

  • Spread your napkin on your desk before you start your meal.

  • Sit down-Say Bismillah-Eat. Sharing is an option not a compulsion.

  • Keep the place clean. Wrappers, plastic covers, etc., must be dropped in the garbage bins.

  • JUNK food is strictly NOT ALLOWED on campus. If found, will be confiscated and NOT returned.

Parents-Procedures and routines:

  • See Section B and C for details. Also PTM record pg.

  • Meeting with the teachers and the Principal: On PTM days – Without an appointment.

  • Meeting with the teachers and the Principal: On all other days must be after booking an appointment through the FOE. This is for you to get Quality time to discuss your issue and for the other parties involved to plan accordingly.

  • Meetings without appointments: Purely at the discretion of the Principal/Management to meet the parent. Parents may also express their concerns in written form on the Letter from parent template; the concerned person will revert to you in shaa Allah.

  • Parents are encouraged to give feedback using the Feedback form, suggestions using the Suggestion forms and all other correspondence using the diary/Letter from parent template.

  • Parents are requested to abide by rules w.r.t. parking their vehicles, dropping off their children, picking up their children, sending them in uniform, communicating with the school, etc.

  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to be a part of the School Development Planning Committee and contribute towards the growth of the school-community-nation.

Permission(Early pick up and Late drop off):

  • Permission to leave school during school hours will not be granted except on emergencies w.r.t. medical, life and death.

  • The student MUST be picked up by the parent or the person carrying an authorization letter duly signed by the parent.

  • Right to grant permission is solely at the discretion of the Principal/Vice Principal.

  • Fill in the Permission record in your child's diary.

  • Enter in the Permission record before leaving the campus or on reaching the campus.

Renewal of admission:

  • Registration will commence from March. Parents must register/renew before the end of April. See schedule under Fee payments.

  • Parents who do NOT wish to renew may meet the Principal/Vice Principal/Co ordinator to confirm their intention. After which they must fill in the TC application form.

  • TC applications will not be accepted after the set deadlines. Please see table under Transfer.

Teaching and Learning (T&L):

  • T&L pages have to be checked and signed on a daily basis.

  • Classwork: Knowledge:based on objectives/Content outlined in the first section of textbooks. Application: based on Knowledge which is beneficial for life-long learning. Skills: LSRW+CSL+Subject specific skills. See Success Criteria page.

  • Homework: Re-inforcement of concepts covered according to the subject strands/subject. Opportunity for student to explore real –life situations and collect data. Skills to be revised, practised and enhanced. Reading: Must be done on a daily basis.

  • Time: Key stage 1(30-45 mins) Key stage 2(45-60 mins) Key stage 3(60-90 mins)

  • Transport: Refer to the KYS form for essential details.

  • School transport

  • Fill up the transport form and pay fees on time.

  • Be on time w.r.t. Pick up and drop off.

  • Inform the transport in–charge in case of absence, change of details or any other issues.

  • Communicate with drivers and attenders w.r.t. timings ONLY.

  • Advise children on taking care of their safety and the safety of others.

  • Private transport

  • Fill up the transport form with all details of the person authorized to drop off and pick up your child.

  • Be on time to pick up and drop off your child.

  • Parents must park their vehicles outside the gate and escort their children through the pedestrian gate to the main entrance.

  • Drop off children at least TEN minutes before the assembly.

  • Pick up children on time latest by FIFTEEN minutes after dismissal time. The school will not take up responsibility of students who stay back beyond the specified time.


  • All days: Regular uniform+ Black shoes+Black socks+Brown Scarf (Girls)* +(Abaya-Gr 6-10 girls)**

  • PE on the Timetable: PE uniform+White shoes+ White socks+Blue Scarf*+ Abaya**

  • Identity cards: To be worn around the neck at all times. If lost, will have to be replaced at a given cost.

  • Sweater: Bottle Green, Woollen – Round neck for boys and front open with buttons for girls.

  • Shoes+socks: Black Velcro with black socks. White Velcro shoes with white socks

  • School bags: Only SIIS bags

  • Belt: Boys must wear SIIS school belts only.

  • Note: Items that are not as per the specifications mentioned above will be confiscated. Repeated occurrences will result in NOT receiving the item back.