Aims for holistic success.

Transforms possibility to reality.

Sows seeds of creativity and achievement.

Inspires the body, mind and soul.

Involves concept-based learning.

Supports constructive application and contribution to society.


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Comfortable and spacious buses


Caring, Warm, Knowledgeable and dedicated


Spacious, Ventilated and Conducive for Learning


Managed by Jamia Muhammadiyah Education Society(JMES), Mumbai.


Warm, healthful, hygienically prepared. Optional for students. Based on needs.


Affiliated to the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK Centre Number: IN362


Situated in a prominent place, R. K. Hegde Nagar, on the way to the Kempegowda International Airport(KIA).


Two and a half acres of land, Playgrounds, Play areas, Wash area, Classrooms, Laboratories, Lavatories, Libraries, Audio-Visual room, Educational Resource Centre, etc


Based on VAKOG(Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic-Olfactory-Gustatory). Time for togetherness is a regular concept at the school where children come together for any /all of these learning activities.



Frequently Asked Questions

Answer1: No. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, a private board of school education in India.


  • Students get to choose from a wide variety of subjects.

  • Students can refer to as many recommended books as they want to increase their knowledge.

  • It is the best option for students who want to pursue further studies abroad.

  • They follow a structure that encourages knowledge-oriented learning.

Answer3: Yes, it is recognized by CBSE, CISCE and state education boards in India as a qualification for entry to Class XI/PUC or for other higher secondary education courses. It is also a recognized Class X qualification, as one of the prerequisites for admission to undergraduate courses in India.

Answer4: No, it is the name of one person. Saad Abdul Aziz Abdul Mohsin Aal Rashid. A patron of education who contributed during the establishment of SIIS.

Answer5: No, it is not. We have people of all faiths in the SIIS family.

Answer6: Co curricular and extra curricular activities are: Spell Bee, Math Challenge, Global Awareness Programme, Drawing, Colouring, Painting, Fireless cooking, Martial arts and many more Theme based activities.

Answer7: English is the language of communication between peers. Students are expected to speak to the teacher and each other in the language that is being taught in the classroom. Eg. Speak Hindi during a Hindi session.


  • Now, the Advanced Subsidy (AS) and Advanced Level (AL or A2) are probably the go-to option taken by most IGCSE students. There are several subjects available in AS/A2 Level, as of April 26th, 2019, there are 55 options offered by Cambridge in their AS/A Levels.

  • Students who finish with their IGCSE are free to do grade 11

  • Students who finish with their IGCSE can also opt to move on with Pre University courses (PUC).


Children are counselled regularly on behaving well and respecting themselves, their fellow school mates, their teachers, the school property, the school reputation, etc.

Children are taught on making right choices and ‘being caught good’.

Children are awarded in three categories – Knowledge, Application, Skills.

Children who misbehave are given an Oral warning plus Reflection time and an apology.

Reflection time includes: Write about what you did, analyse what was correct, what was wrong, decide on what to do next.

The next instance the incident is written and the child gets a written warning in his/her diary.

Parents are also informed and requested to come on board and help us to help their child better.

Repeated misbehavior is discussed with parents and the child and next steps or targets for improvement are set accordingly and handled on an individual basis keeping in mind the dignity of the child, other children/people involved.


  • Renewal to be done by parents to AY 2020-21.

  • Correspondence with students and parents through gradewise groups on Microsoft Kaizala(MK).

  • Online classes and offline tasks through our Learning Management System(LMS) with group announcements, audios, vidoes, notes, assessments, etc. One by one we are adding features to the suite.

  • Ongoing correspondence of tasks, submissions, audios, videos, etc through Microsoft Kaizala(MK)

  • Provision to have concerns discussed over the phone on 7406038201 or WhatsApp/SMS to the same number, or send an email to

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